How to open Blocked websites on Mobile

If you are already here reading this article, then I am pretty certain that you are facing a problem where you cannot access certain websites and pages over the internet. There may be a number of reasons to why you may be facing such a problem but most commonly it may be due to the fact that such website you are trying to access may have been banned by your ISP or the government of your country. Whatever the reason may be, the solution is the same for all. And hence, in our following guide today I will be waling you through all the steps needed to be able to easily open and access any blocked websites or page which may be blocked or banned. As many of you may know that in most countries or organizations the websites which are often banned are blocked may be porn sites or other such illegal sites. But, also many times you may also find some useful information sites also banned or blocked which may provide free or controversial information. No matter what the case is here you will find your solution.

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In this guide, I will be taking the most common type of website as an example to show the implementation of our method. I will be taking the help of an 18+ content website as an example as these type of sites is banned in most countries or organizations. So, without much further delay let us look into the steps needed in order to open such blocked sites in our mobile devices.

  • First of all, we will be type in and search the URL address of the site which may be banned or blocked like shown below.

Then, if the site or page is banned or blocked, it will show the following message as below or simply say that the website is banned in your country or region.

At this point, we have just checked whether the website can be accessed or not.

Best Way to Open Blocked Websites:

  • Now, we go to Google’s Play Store and search for a VPN app or service. For this guide, I will be downloading and installing the Psiphon Pro VPN app which is my personal favorite. There are many free and paid VPN software available online. You can choose to use any according to your needs and desire. As long as it does the job, you are all good.
    Download Psiphon Pro
  • Click on the INSTALL button and let the app download and install itself as shown below.
  • Give it some time to download and install itself on to your device after which click on it to launch and run the app.
  • Next, we will click on the START button to initialize and start the VPN service.
  • You will then be prompted with a message asking you to whether you want to tunnel the whole device. Here, we will click on the Tunnel whole device option.
  • After that you will be again prompted with a pop-up message asking for your permission to let Psiphon access your location so that it can be more efficient in its working. Here you can click on the OK button or you can go with the No Thanks option.
  • Then a count down will start after which during the first initialization you will be prompted with a connection request pop-up to which we will need to click on the OK button.

  • When successful it will greet you with a message saying that you have been connected and also display your changed IP address. Thus, after all this you have successfully changed your IP address and hopefully will now be able to access any site you desire.
  • Now let us go back to our browser and type in the previous URL and click on the search button. If everything is done and followed properly then you should be able to successfully open and access any banned or blocked sites.

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