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If you have a thing for movies and series, then this is just the site for you. If you are into streaming free movies and TV shows, then at some point you must have heard of 123movies. As for those of you who have not heard of it. This website is all you need if you are a person who is in a constant craving for new movies and TV shows. The website is constantly updated with new day to day content which will surely keep you entertained and never give you a chance to complain about boredom.

The website has a huge library of rich quality contents from all across the globe. The collection of movies ranges from the most popular ones to the very small budget local ones that would normally get aired only in the country of origin. Due to this reason you have a very wide and unique variety of content to choose from. Now, since we know what this site is up there for. Let us look at some of the reason why the 123moviesunblocked website is one stop for you to find all your favorite TV shows and the latest movies.

Reasons why you Should go for 123movies Unblocked:

Reason 1: Easy User Interface

The website has a great and easy to use user interface which lets browsing and streaming your favorite shows and movies a piece of cake. Even a small kid can just simply go on to the website and start streaming content.

Reason 2: Free

Like any other pirate websites, the 123moviesunblocked too believe in free access to data. Even though it is a violation of copyrights law and is not always a right thing to view such content for free. Still, there are times when everyone just can’t afford to pay huge sums of bucks on going out see a movie every day or rent their favorite TV shows. And hence, such sites like 123moviesunblocked can be a real life saver.

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Reason 3: The Huge content DataBase

The 123moviesunblocked without any doubt comprises of a huge database of content ready to be mined by you at all times. The site is running 24×7 which allows you to watch and enjoy your favorite shows anywhere, anytime.

Reason 4: Systematically organized

As you can see from the pictures down below, the website is categorized very systematically and carefully to allow you to pinpoint your desired movies and TV shows very precisely. Thus, greatly enhances your efficiency of finding the content you are looking for real quick. The two main categories may be divided into Movies and TV Shows which further gets divided according to categories such as Genres, Country, Year of release, Featured and Top IMDB listed contents.

Reason 5: Ability to request

This is the best feature if you ask me. With the help of the Request option, you can ask them to upload a movie or show you would like to watch and very surely and shortly they will try to provide you with that content you desire. Now, you do not find that in many places. Right?


So, those were all the top reasons why I feel this is one site you can obviously give a go to get a hold of your favorite TV shows and movies and enjoy them anywhere anytime in the world for free.

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